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Weekly Events

These are the weekly events that run after hours at Max Aggression Gaming 7000 Mcleod Rd Unit 13 Niagara Falls Canada

40k Thursday!

Thursday nights from 6pm to 10pm at M.A.G. HQ its 40k THURSDAY!!

This is a fun filled night of Warhammer 40K… Set up games with your friends and there will always be a table full of terrain free!

Warhammer 40k CAMPAIGN

Siege of Lycos

The time has come for war!! Max Aggression Gaming has started a Warhammer 40k Campaign.

More to follow on this amazing event talk to Dan at Max Aggression Gaming and check face book for more details.

This will be going on every other Friday starting October 12th  from 6pm to 10pm and games can be set up at other times if needed.

This event will be located at the 8699 Stanley Ave

Canada Bw building in the main offices GAME ON!