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Chaos Daemons Of Nurgle Army


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This Chaos Daemons Of Nurgle Army is painted by Max Aggression Gaming!!

There is a extreme amount of colours used in the army from puss and bloated skin to slime covered bases the details are immense.

These models can be used in Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar!!!

The army will grow with time and more models will be added to the sale in up coming weeks watch for more info…

All sales are final

Army consists of the following….

1x Rotigus

1x Great unclean one with Bilesword and Bileblade

1x Great unclean one with Doomsday bell and Plague flail

1x Daemon prince of Nurgle

1x Sloppity Bilepiper

1x Poxbringer

9x Nurglings

30x Plaguebearers 3x plagueridden included in 30 plaguebearers

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