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Chaos Daemons Of Khorne Army


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This spectacular Daemons of Khorne army painted by Max Aggression Gaming has many amazing details!! Such as gore drenched bases with expert precision eyes, many kit bashed models, armour damage, and more blood for the blood god!!! 6 pots of blood for the blood god were used in the making….

This army is useable in Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar it has also been featured in multiple Minwargaming videos!!

All models consists of either plastic or resin no metal!!!

All sales are final no refunds

All products in this sale are as follows

1x Skarbrand

1x Bloodthirster Of Insensate rage

1x Wrath Of Khorne Blood thirster

2x Daemon princes with Malefic Talons

2x Bloodmaster

1x Skullmaster

1x Karanak

20x Flesh hounds

20x Furies

52x Bloodletters with 3x bloodreapers , 3x daemonic icons, 3x Instruments of chaos included in the 52 bloodletters

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