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About Us

In The Beginning…

This whole idea began around early 2015. I have been playing the game since I was at least 12 years old and making a store with cheap pricing for my crazy collecting addiction was the next step and I figured why not share it with everyone.


The new store has been getting a good Buzz. Come buy weekends from 12pm to 7pm Dan will be there to assist you and we could have a game.

Warlord Games products have just arrived like the realistic world domination game Bolt Action. You can collect and play as any army found in the 2nd World War. Fight for Stalin and give them not one step back or join Hitlers SS forces to crush the Red Army. Plenty of War here at M.A.G.


Check out our FaceBook page Max Aggression Gaming and you can see tonnes of pics and my up to date progress report on painting. I also will list special sales plus all kinds of sweet mini battle reports. The store runs Tournaments at the Geekery pub four doors down in the same plaza with plenty of room, food, and beer its always a good time. There will be posts on FaceBook and this website showing the upcoming tournaments. Prepare your self because there is lots to come….