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From Lord of the Rings, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40 000 and now featuring all Warlord game products like Beyond the Gates of Antares, Hail Cesar and Bolt Action. We now can carry Fantasy Flight games like Armada and X-Wing we have all that you need and more for extreme discounts.

If the products aren’t in stock, no problem. Call or text Dan 905-359-2227 and he will order up what ever you need! The Gods smile on you……

Ossiarch Bonereapers


Chaos Space Marines Army


Dispossessed Army


Beasts of Chaos

More Dragon Ogors for your army!!

Paint Range Has Grown

The full paint range rack has arrived in the store. Each paint is 5$ and double size paints are 10$

FAT Mats Now for sale!

The FAT mats have arrived! There is many types of 6/4' Fat mats for sale now at M.A.G. the same ones that are going to be used at our up coming tournaments come by and check them out.

Age of Sigmar!

Age of Sigmar is growing in popularity bring your army and have a battle. Tournaments are going to be happening shortly to along with a host of amazing new FAT mat tables from Frontline Gaming.

Battle Reports

Ynnari Craftworld Army


Speed Freeks Army

Speed freeks on the way boss!!!

Flesh Eaters!

Flesh Eater Courts are Delusional…

Idoneth Deepkin

Idoneth Deepkin are rising…

A Bigger Better Store!

M.A.G. has moved to 7000 McLeod road, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Its a bigger better store for all your gaming needs!!!


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